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Studio Very Very Gold
Bergsundsgatan 25, Stockholm

What is- the- matter Oracle?

Born in Iran, Farvash is a research-based artist whose practice is deeply rooted within Persian mythologies, histories, and ontologies.

Her practice focuses on transformative processes that span from micro-realities to navigating contemporary immigration guilt. 

With a background in chemistry, she redefines scientific methods within the realm of material science and art. Creation of materials by studying characteristics, qualities, properties and behaviours from the smallest material component, nanotechnology and extends all levels to performance, lectures, and installations.

Her artworks are micro-realities, where each reality holds a system of logic, matter, persona and a personal anecdote.

Whoever holds the power to matter(present time: matter that gives revenue), in return, has power over the world.

 As a maker, my performance practice is an intuitive channelling. The performance functions as a spiritual tool. The connection between the subject, time, tension and audience, gives the body access to embedded and unconscious knowledge. Not everything is logical, rational, and describable. As for the matter/material, since our bodies are firstly materials, I believe they are embedded with information, maybe about the nonlinear past or a potential nonlinear future. And maybe even: there is no separation of a past or future, they are both the same.

So if "Matter/Material"is a vehicle to access other realities, so what is "matter"?

I´m interested in materials, sinceI see them as a vessel of past and future knowledge. In our present time, materials are politics, it is an embodiment of the financial structure and it holds the intention of society as well as the direction of a society. Material science is a discipline developing new materials, traditionally driven by two defined forces, "market pull", and "technology push" where“technology push” is mostly governed by military industries, health industries and national strategies. While "market pull" is a market requested development, for example, the speedy development of VR for sex industries.Material science today functions as applied science to provide us a market-oriented technological human development.

Who decides the direction of our future and our society? Who makes the decision? Who has the power to change it? And what is my role as an artist?

Questions such as these contextualize the material aspect of my practice and serve to explain why I create my own materials. My practice is a process, which dismantles the forces, which are continually shaping my identity and my interests. This connects to my central interest in the origin and future of the imagination, and its relationship to capitalism and power-based social structures.



MA Contemporary art, Royal Collage of art, London
MFA Experience design, Konstfack, Stockholm,


Do you nourish your adornment or adorn your nourishment?, Collaboration with this and this person, This Venue, This City
* This CV is more directed towards Art and Research works. No design works, assigments or design projects are listed in this CV. There is an extended version with Design projects for companies, exhibitions, talks and publications.
6 AUG 2020 - 2 DEC 2020



Linnégatan 4, Stockholm


Misschiefs Takeover is a rescue operation for women artists who are particularly impacted by the current global economic crisis. In collaboration with major firms holding the keys to large empty spaces in major European cities, we provide free art studios to a selected group of women artists and designers to work, show and sell their art directly to the public. Our first Misschiefs Takeover Art Studio Pop-Up is in Stockholm from August 10 to November 27, open to the public from 10am to 5pm monday to friday. Located on Linnégatan 4, Misschiefs takes over a 500m2 former laundry factory. All the original Misschiefs collectible design pieces, video art and installations will be on display, as well as a group of 10 selected women artists who will work daily on site. Follow us on instagram and youtube for regular live updates, performances and surprise guests!


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RCA 2020


material engineering

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